Thursday, 16 May 2013

Candice wins the title of American Idol 2013

Oh my God.. I can't believe it.. We have the winner of American Idol, Season 12.

Thousands and thousands of fans were eager to know the winner tonight. Who knew, the lucky girl is going to be, Candice Glover? A 23 year old R & B singer from Helena Island, won the Fox singing competition.

Glover tried three times for American Idol, and tonight all her efforts were paid off. She, not only made it into the finals, but she also won the title of American Idol 2013. Glover was stunned when Ryan Seacrest announced her the 'winner'.

So, we have one thing to learn from the Candice experience, that a person should not give up. Whatsoever the situation is, keep trying and trying. Never lose hope & faith in you.

Anyhow, we have few good & bad news at the end of the competition.

Any guesses???

The sad news is that Randy Jackson, the show's last remaining original judge, is leaving "Idol". He has been on the show for last twelve seasons.

And the good news is...

Online auditions for Season 13 are open after the show. Yay!

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Things get easier, once you decide to deal them gracefully.

Stay blessed!

Have a nice weekend.