Thursday, 12 September 2013

What Is A College Student Health Nightmare?

Weight gain is a common problem among students. The reason is simple and clear. Health disasters..
College student health nightmare comprises of a Big Mac or Mac and Cheese, Two pizza slices and a Milkshake. The excuse is pretty much known to all. In order to eat healthy, students eat more than they can digest even. Without noticing the amount of calories in the food, you consider "healthy", how can a student have it?

Another big excuse is that the life of a college student is too busy that they hardly get time to cook food at home. The easy way out of the argument is "Grab and Go".. It seems more appropriate to say, "Grab and Run" excuse as you run yourself into the sea of calories.

Students like to think that they are the busiest bees in the face of the Earth. It is true in a sense that they have to manage much on their own like assignments, social life, studies, tasks, classes, sports etc. But it is all about managing things nicely. It is a matter of time and effective learning.

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