Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What irritates you while giving a Presentation?

Presentations are always a fun. There is a little curiosity in everyone’s mind at every new turn. What will be the topic? How will he/she present? Is there something new to catch? Everybody tries to add up some “WOW” effect in the presentation. But, sometimes we get irritated by someone while giving  a presentation.

Someone is talking

You are speaking and everybody is listening you carefully, this is an ideal situation for a presentation. However, there are some people who start whispering into the neighbor seated person. At times, the fire spreads and everyone start muttering. Your whole presentation spoils eventually.

Your professor is looking down at the papers

Some professors behave ironically during presentations. They started to look down as searching something into the pages. You will begin to feel awkward and think that maybe your slides are not made proper or you’re a poor presenter. And that you had to buy PowerPoint presentation.

A student is pointing fingers at you

It is too much weird to see someone is pointing fingers towards you. It elevates to the top if that person starts laughing too. Although, he tries to stop being not allowed in the hall, but he can get succeeded in confusing you.

A fellow is busy watching outside

While I was giving a presentation few months ago, a fellow of mine started watching outside. I was so curious to see that what is so interested outside. At last it diverted my attention. I started stammering and lost my concentration. Well, then I manage to continue on my own. I had a PowerPoint presentation with me so I was not doubtful of the quality of the slides. But my performance made my score low.

Have you ever experienced a presentation when somebody irritated you?