Thursday, 12 September 2013

Most Common Mistakes Of College Students

Around three million students started college this week. They will be making the most common mistakes like students for the past many decades. Let us point out a few major mistakes of college student life.

One : Missing classes of an academic course!

    It is a common mistake of students that they believe that despite missing a few classes of a course, they can still manage to score well. Students must not miss their classes at all, without a genuine reason as every lecture, whether they attend it or not, cost them any percentage of their tuition money. Parents should point out this mistake as every lecture of specific academic course has its worth.

Two : Students overload themselves with more than they can chew!

    It is seen very often that students take extra courses in a semester. The overload drives them nuts as they cannot manage six or seven courses and their tasks and assignments all together. In order to get extra bonus, they indulge themselves into research work as well, which is altogether a hectic job. For instance, students have to give a research proposal for acceptance of their paper. But write a research proposal is a time taking and troublesome task.

 Students adopt habits like all night studies and no sleep, skipping meals, and much more that affect their health. Many other mistakes can be pointed out that are common among college students. Try not to repeat such mistakes. Live a healthy and balanced college life.

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