Monday, 20 May 2013

Dream For Real...

Today, we are going to talk about two sorts of dream. When you are asleep and you have a series of visions at night, you call it  a dream. Mostly, it is seen that people don't remember the dream as it appears during  sleep. Sometimes, the dream might be so thrilling, that you woke up sweating, thinking about the end scene of that dream. Ha! Ha!

People live their dreams in sleep. Usually, the night dreams are mostly about the things you think about most, before you went off to bed. Yeah! For instance you have a plan to go for fishing, what you might dream is "Fishing-In-Sleep". It sounds funny, but it is a theory & thousands of people accept it.

Another type of dream is, "What-you-wish-for?".

People dream for wonders to happen. They aim sky-high to live their dreams. They have a vision to work on. You may dream to have your own house across the countryside or a world tour or a restaurant chain with three stars & so much more.

All the dreams can come true, it depends on the amount of courage you have to pursue them.

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