Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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More than 7 billion people are living on this planet. Trillions of fears, Psyches, Stories. We have seen so many people, who are conscious about different things in their life. For instance, pet-conscious, money-conscious, appearance-conscious, cleanliness-conscious, so on & so forth are the reasons enlisted in the book, "Things We are Conscious About" =).

No to Snacks

Oh! We forgot about the ones, who are "Weight-Conscious".

Do you count yourself among the pack of diet conscious people? If "yes", then the first thing you must be doing already, is saying a big "No" to snacks.

Question for You

How can a person avoid being a weight-conscious freak?

Stop! Stop! We know there is a rush of voices, advices, comments, ideas, images & thoughts running in your mind regarding the subject.

If's And BUT's

Can you put forth all your thoughts onto a paper in an appropriate manner?

Not as easy as Pie. Hmm...

Attention! Attention! You are on the page of your dreams.

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