Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Let’s Play Tic-Tac-Toe

I am sharing nine ideas for you to make your book report motivating. Arrange them in a form of 3X3 table and hold your pen. Let’s begin tic-tac-toe.

A Passage for setting

When you finish your book, choose a passage that helped you to imagine a perfect setting. It must not be a long passage but may extend to one to two paragraphs.

Test your analytical skills

There are the words that are new to you in every book. List out at least ten of them and try to figure out their meaning with the help of the context. Take up a dictionary and then see how much you were correct.

Write a poem

You can write a poem with reference to the title of the poem. If you have successfully arranged the events of the book in the poem, your book report is done.

Pick out a key event

There is one and only one event in the story that has led towards the written ending. You need to pick that event correctly.

See the future

Just imagine; what if the same story could happen after a 100 year. How it will look like to you?

A poster of character

Draw out a setting that is relevant to the main character, and then surround it with the impacting elements of the story.

A greenhorn in class

How will a negative character of the story act in your classroom? Write a dialogue keeping in view any of your class-fellow.

Set up a Quiz

Design some questions about your book events. Ask any of your classmates to answer them.

Encourage for struggle

There is something in the story that couldn’t be changed by the characters. Share about your own struggle and motivate others.

Are you confused where to place (X) and where to mark (O)? To win the game, buy book reports. Online service providers are loaded with unique ideas.

Hurry up! Put a circle around ‘buy book reports’ and cross over ‘write a book report by my own’.