Friday, 6 September 2013

Wasting Or Utilizing Time In The Classrooms?

Pay attention In Class

The summer is finally over and your next session has begun. What is one thing that you are going to ensure after expending a huge chunk Money paying your tuition fee? You will make sure that you grasp the knowledge That will be imparted to you with the passage of time and make the best use of Your time in the classroom. First and foremost, it is absolutely imperative to Pay attention when a lecture is being delivered. This will help you relate to The subject with the examples.

Take Notes

Secondly, a student must formulate the strategies to take Effective notes to be able to retrieve information at the time of the Examination. Jotting down key words and associating with difficult concepts Helps you remember the meaningful discussion the professor had in the class on The same subject matter. Always make sure to associate the difficult Nomenclature with something you are already familiar with.  

Switch Your Mobile Phone Off

Switch off your mobile phones while you are in the class. Wasting time by whatsapping or messaging your friends won't earn you a Commendable grade, but working hard will. When your mind is distracted by The constant ringing of the phone, it is very  Hard to  concentrate on what the The professor is trying to explain.

Ask Questions 

It is very important for you to ask questions if you feel That you are stuck on something. Furthermore, never hesitate to provide the Feedback to the professors when it is asked for. It does not only boost your Confidence level, but also ensures that you have understood things correctly. 

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